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Step 1. Valuation     Step 2. Budgeting     Step. 3 Tax Rate Setting

You, as a property owner, play an important role in the process that determines how much you pay in property taxes each year. The three-step process includes valuation, budgeting, and tax rate setting.

Valuation involves assessing the value of your property, and it is an essential part of the process. While this step may have different timelines depending on your local jurisdiction, it ensures that the assessed value of your property is determined accurately.

Budgeting, the second step, is perhaps the most crucial stage where property owners can have a significant impact. It is during this phase that decisions are made regarding how tax dollars are allocated and spent by various entities. To determine which taxing entities affect your tax bill, we recommend contacting your local appraisal district. Once you identify the relevant entities, we encourage you to reach out to them before their budgets are finalized. Attending the budget sessions and engaging with the entities will provide you with insights into how your tax dollars are being utilized.

The entities involved in the budgeting process can vary and may include the city, county, school district, community college, water district, or other special taxing districts. You can find contact information for taxing entities across the Panhandle below.

Once budgets are set, tax rates are determined by the governing bodies of each entity to meet their specific needs and obligations. This leads us to the third step, tax rate setting, which helps determine the final amount of property taxes you will be responsible for paying.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the tax rate setting process and its impact, we encourage you to visit

Contact Your School District, County & City

    County Judge Nancy Tanner 500 South Fillmore, Suite 103 Amarillo, Texas 79101 (806) 379-2250 Precinct 1 Commissioner H.R. Kelley 500 South Fillmore, Suite 125 Amarillo, Texas 79101 (806) 379-2421 Precinct 2 Commissioner Blair Schaffer 500 South Fillmore, Suite 123 Amarillo, Texas 79101 (806) 379-2422 Precinct 3 Commissioner John Coffee 500 South Fillmore, Suite 122 Amarillo, Texas 79101 (806) 379-2423 Precinct 4 Commissioner Warren Coble, Sr. 500 South Fillmore, Suite 124 (806) 379-2424
    Judge Christy Dyer 806-468-5500 Precinct 1 Rusty Carnes 806-584-2966 Precinct 2 Eric Barry 806-468-5500 Precinct 3 Bob Robinson 806-651-2558 806-679-8774 Precinct 4 Tam Boatler 806-355-3590 806-681-9774
    Judge Cindy Irwin 806-878-4000 Precinct 1 Gary Alexander (806) 898-9501 Precinct 2 Dwight Kirksey (806) 273-0139 Precinct 3 Ben Bentley (806) 898-8700 Precinct 4 Chris Prock (806) 395-5006
    Mayor Cole Stanley (806) 378-3014 Place 1 Josh Craft Place 2 Don Tipps (806) 673-7770 Place 3 Tom Scherlen (806) 670-6104 Place 4 Les Simpson
    Mayor Gary Hinders 806-655-5000 Place 2 + Mayor Pro Tem Cody Jones 806-655-5000 Place 3 Paul R. Lyons 806-655-5000 Place 4 Robyn Cranmer Place 5 Danny J. Potter City Manager Joe Price 806-655-5000
    Mayor + Place 3 Karen Felker 806-626-7326 Place 1 Pete Loftis (806) 433-3636 Place 2 Kim Perez Place 4 Robert Lawrence Place 5 + Mayor Pro Tem Milton Ooley 806-274-4577 City Manager Garrett Spradling (806) 273-0905
    President Doyle Corder Kayla Mendez Jon Mark Beilue Connie Brown David Nance Don Powell Steve Trafton
    Place 6 Board President Jennifer Winegarner 806-677-2600 Place 5 Board Vice President Matt Parker 806-677-2600 Place 7 Board Secretary Laurie Gilliland Place 4 Bill Jenkins Place 3 Casey Posey Place 2 Katharyn Wiegand 806-677-2600 Place 1 Paul Blake
    President Amanda Brown 806-381-7800 Vice President Butch Dawson 806-381-7800 Secretary Nikki Forrest 806-381-7800 Board Member Danielle Coleman 806-381-7800 Board Member Lori Peterson 806-381-7800 Board Member Melinda Powell 806-381-7800 Board Member Copen Smith 806-381-7800
    President Diedre Hood 806-273-6481 Vice President Eric Schneck 806-273-6481 Secretary Cyndee Hickman 806-273-6481 Member Dustin Hawley 806-273-6481 Member Payton Lumpkin 806-273-6481 Member Devon Thompson Member Keegan Neill
    President Holly Jeffreys 806-359-6683 Vice President Justin Adams 806-359-6683 Secretary Colby Butcher 806-359-6683 James Gillenwaters 806-359-6683 Brad Spinks Jessica Garrett Jerry Billington
    President Tonya Detten 806-335-2823 Vice President Kevin Sawyer 806-335-2823 Secretary Elise Kovar 806-335-2823 Board Member Ricardo Mercado 806-335-2823 Board Member Jennifer Sanchez 806-335-2823 Board Member Cindy Spanel 806-335-2823
    President Tammy Hamby Vice President Toby Nutter Secretary Katie Kight Board Member Casey Dawson Board Member Tim Hall Board Member Dade Line Board Member Bubba Mahan
    President Billy Rider Vice President Logan Bidwell Secretary Doug Moneymaker Board Member Stacey Boothe Board Member Chad Marshal Board Member Rusty Ratliff Board Member Michael Robinson
    Chairman Anette Carlisle (806) 371-5000 Term expires 2027 Vice Chairman Jay Barrett (806) 371-5000 Term expires 2029 Secretary John Betancourt Term expires 2027 Regent Johnny Mize (806) 371-5000 Term expires 2025 Regent Paul Proffer (806) 371-5000 Term expires 2025 Regent David C. Woodburn (806) 371-5000 Term expires 2025 Regent Peggy Thomas Term expires 2027 Regent Michele Fortunado (806) 371-5000 Term expires 2029 Regent Irene Hughes Term expires 2029
    Board Chair Marlene McKinney (806) 457-4200 Vice Chair Dr. Shad Goldston (806) 457-4200 Board Secretary David Speed (806) 457-4200 Regent Colin Archer (806) 457-4200 Regent Jesse Heredia (806) 457-4200 Regent Dr. Jud Hicks Regent Kenny Morrison (806) 457-4200 Regent Patrick Nonhof (806) 457-4200 Regent Dr. Stephanie Palmer (806) 457-4200
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